Episode 15: I got the Power! – Dew Shields, Heaters, Batteries and Heated Clothing!

March 7th, 2013 | Posted by dwoods in Podcast

Mike and Dave nearly go all sensible for once and discuss combating Dew, heaters* power options for your mount and Mike’s obsession with heated clothing with lots of pockets. And we thought all along he used them for keeping his eyepieces warm… How wrong can you be.

Links below to the stuff we chat about. Enjoy. 🙂

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Turning up the Juice:

Camping Mat Dewshield (non-pink)
Dew Point info
12v High Dryer (Amazon UK)
Kendrick Dew Heaters
Astrozap Dew Heaters
Hi-Tec Dew Heater
Leisure Batteries (70Ah-110Ah)
Coleman Power Mains Transformer
Maplin UK Power  Stations (8Ah-17Ah)
CTek Intelligent Battery Charger MXS 5.0
OptiMate 4 Battery Charger
Accumate 6/12 Batter Charger
Camping Adapter (Amazon UK)
Maplin UK (heated clothing review)
Blaze-wear (Mike’s video review)
Celestron/Skywatcher PowerTank
Lidl Power Station 10Ah
AstroZap Dewshields


*Dave actually lost his dreadlocks at the tender age 34, and had to sell his ageing collection of vintage hair dryers as none were 12v. Since then, he’s just keeps a can of Frizz-Ease. Just in case. 🙂

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