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Episode 4: Mars, Rockets and a Guide to Guidescopes

July 26th, 2012 | Posted by dwoods in Podcast - (0 Comments)

This Episode is all about the Mars Curiosity Rover, How to get to Mars, and a very apt Book Review. We hope you like it, and please raise a glass or two if you do! Let us know e-mail:


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Videos Of the Mars Curiosity Rover:
Mars Curiosity Tracker
NASA MSL Website
NASA Video Archive

Other links:
British Interplanetary Society
Qinetiq Ion Drive


Book Review: Red Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson  (Amazon UK)
Blue Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson (Amazon UK)
Green Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson  (Amazon UK)

Episode 2: Solar, Planetariums & Astronomy Groups

June 30th, 2012 | Posted by dwoods in Podcast - (0 Comments)

Our second episode! We’ll be explaining how Solar observing works, Planetariums you can visit, and finding the best astronomy group for you! Also there is a review on the Coronado PST, and a book review of Turn Left at Orion. All this in 20 minutes! … and no, we really do like Farnborough. 😮

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Check out the links below:

Astrium Planetarium, INTECH Winchester 
Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, Chichester
Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth
Peter Harrison Planetarium, Greenwich, London
@Bristol Planetarium 

Meade Coronado PST (Ha Version)
Turn Left at Orion  (Amazon UK)
Baader Solar Film (Baader-Planetarium) There are two types (Visual/Imaging) – get the right one!.

Finding local Astronomy Groups:
AstroSouth Directory  (Free e-Zine)
Federation of Astronomical Societies (Map)